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lives on a small farm in Casco Michigan along with her husband Ken, son Brandon , grandson Jordan and numerous "critters". She is also the mother of Justin Rowell. She is a "free spirit" wanting to "get lost in the sparkle and fade". She will someday....just watch her!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All My "Glory"!

OK...In one of my "what the heck" kind of moods this morning. This is me in all my "glory". Never thought I could do this...really I didn't. But I am who I am and the sooner I realize this the farther I will go not only with my photography...but in my life as well. This has got to be one the hardest things I have ever done. I am normally a rather "hidden" person when it comes to my body. I have been slammed once or twice (actually much more) in my lifetime in regards to body image. It stuck pretty deep. Guess it's time to "break free"..... in more ways than one. No one will totally understand just how hard this was for me.

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  1. Diana, these are beautiful photos of a beauiful woman. Strong, filled with power and utterly unique. I am so proud of you.