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lives on a small farm in Casco Michigan along with her husband Ken, son Brandon , grandson Jordan and numerous "critters". She is also the mother of Justin Rowell. She is a "free spirit" wanting to "get lost in the sparkle and fade". She will someday....just watch her!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some life around me...and death

These photo's are of some chickens that have free range on the property. They come and go as they please laying eggs along the way. Sadly though life can be hard on them as raccoons, fox and possums need to eat as well and get into the coop for their "take out's". The one seen laying down must have been to heavy to carry so it was left for me to take care of. Happens often.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All My "Glory"!

OK...In one of my "what the heck" kind of moods this morning. This is me in all my "glory". Never thought I could do this...really I didn't. But I am who I am and the sooner I realize this the farther I will go not only with my photography...but in my life as well. This has got to be one the hardest things I have ever done. I am normally a rather "hidden" person when it comes to my body. I have been slammed once or twice (actually much more) in my lifetime in regards to body image. It stuck pretty deep. Guess it's time to "break free"..... in more ways than one. No one will totally understand just how hard this was for me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gone Fishin"

These are a few photo's taken while fishing. Didn't catch a thing other than some rather healthy weeds. Being able to just relax and do something I love to do, it didn't matter to me if anything was caught or not.
Being out on the dock in the mist and quiet made it more than worthwhile.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some bugs that crossed my path

Just a few of the bugs that I normally don't get to see in Michigan. All except the grasshopper, which we do have here but is also my "nickname"....rather partial to the little buggers.

Window Seat

I was lucky enough to have a window seat to and from Florida. Always loved looking out a planes window the few times I have flown. Just had to get a few photo's while my head was in the clouds....and it was....in more ways than one!


Did you ever notice a dry sponge all stiff, inflexible and unusable?

As it absorbs water it becomes able to fulfill it's function.

Love does that to people too.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Path

A path at Bok Gardens. A place of beauty, peace and great love.
I walked this path feeling all three.
This "path" will never leave my heart and soul.
Where it will lead me....only time will tell.
We all must follow our own path while we take this journey called "Life"
There are always a few detours along the way, but the heart always finds it's way

Every time I close my eyes......I will find myself there.....

Friday, November 13, 2009

First "timed" shot

This self portrait was very hard for me to take. I have some "issues" with my body image. I am working very hard to get past this but it's pretty tough let me tell you! I have taken a few more "bare" photo's of myself, but I think I'll just save those for later postings.....maybe!

Didn't do to good at "sizing" this one either!! Driving me nuts!

Another go at re-sizing

OK...so here I go again at yet another attempt. I WILL get this at some point! Going to just be a trial and error sort of thing. This photo was taken back in September where this barn caught my eye on the way to visit my son. I love to just see something and HAVE to stop to get a picture.

Hope I did it right this time!

Post note......Better.... but not quite right. Oh well....maybe next time.

First "sizing" attempt

After many attempts at resizing this photo I think I finally got it!!
This photo was a "sneaky shot" taken at the airport while waiting for my son to pick me up. I figured I wanted to take every oppertunity available to me to get a picture in. This man haden't a clue he was as interesting to me as he was,just sitting there "being". I am slowly learning to "strike while the iron's hot!"

Post note: Nope, didn't get it!! Will try again on another one...darn it!!!

"Tip" of the day

I have learned yet another lesson today from my mentor. It would help those that view my photo's to "shrink" them down to about 30% so that they won't take up an entire screen and take forever to download to be viewed! Definitely going to work on doing just that. I learn something new every day! I love it!

Father and son pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving time! I wanted to capture Brandon and Jordan in an "Autumn glow"..I think it worked out rather well. Jordan adores his daddy and it makes my heart dance to see them doing these kinds of things together. How it should be. ALWAYS!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

No lobster...but a neat fish store!

Wonderful little fish store near Frostproof Florida.... no lobster, but had plenty of atmosphere and charm. This kind lady allowed me to photograph her and her store.
I thank her.

Bok Tower

"Bok Tower" one man's dream and where I had a few of my own.
I do believe dreams can come true.....one of mine has already.


Sunrise in Frostproof Florida. The single most happiest time in my life. No drama, no "if i have to do YOUR job, what the hell do I need you for's?"...no stress and surprisingly a "normal" blood pressure! Gee....I wonder why that is? Want to go back "home" soon!