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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My kids and a little info on goats

Living where I do I have the chance to have my "critters". We had three goats at one time, two males and one female. Lilly was my favorite. God I loved that girl! She had the best of personality and would allow me to push her around and she would push me right back but never trying to hurt me. She had some really sharp horns! Lyle and Luther, our two males were pretty smelly! Lilly and Lyle passed away and Luther is making new "kids" somewhere out there. Male goats have a nasty habit of ...well...lets say they just stink REAL bad when they wanna "get lucky" and a female is around. Trust me....enough said on that subject! These two new "kids" are fainting goats. Brown and tan one is "Roxanne", Rox for short...the other is "Lavern", Vern for short. When scared they pass out for 10 seconds then get right back up again because of a neurological defect. Doesn't harm them in any way though. Funniest thing too watch as they just drop where they are standing! I have always loved goats...these two girls are no exception.

P.S. Still working on sizing photo's...sometimes I get it right...and then there are these! Sorry, still learning Photoshop!

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